Release 4.0 Support for Asynchronous Models

New HtmlViewAsync subclass of HtmPage with a renderAsync(). renderAsync() and writeAsync() return CompletableFuture of String and Void. New builder await(par...

Release 3.9 Support for Custom Elements

New custom element feature that allows to define HtmlFlow views. Invoking .custom('alert-info') returns an instance of a new class CustomElement that inherit...

Release 3.7

When parent template is initialized with a PrintStream, any internal use of addPartial() should use implicitly that PrintStream regardless the output approac...

Release 3.6

Update Junit release.

Spring-based pet clinic app with HtmlFlow views

spring-petclinic implementation of the sample Spring-based pet clinic web application integrated with HtmlFlow views. Replaced the Thymeleaf template engine...

Release 3.5

Downgraded to target Java runtime 1.8. Some applications, such as spring-comparing-template-engines don't support higher versions.

Release 3.4

Flowifier an HTML to HtmlFlow translator developed by Julien Gouesse.

Release 3.3

Upgrade to Java 11. New HtmlPartials class in unit testes project with sample use cases to include in a paper for WebIst. Disallow the use of chained calls ...

Release 3.2

Make views immutable

Release 3.1

thread-safe views in order to use the same view by multiple threads you should call the threadSafe() method. unit test testDivDetailsBindingWithRender that r...

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