Release 3.9 Support for Custom Elements

January 30, 2022

New custom element feature that allows to define HtmlFlow views such as the listing at the end of this post (this feature applies regardless being a static or a dynamic view).

This sample is available on unit tests htmlflow.test.views.HtmlCustomElements

Invoking .custom("alert-info") returns an instance of a new class CustomElement that inherits from existing Div class. Hence, we have most HTML features available at the resulting instance.


                  .attrSrc("alert.js") // Link to alert-info definition
                  .p().text("Testing custom elements!").__()
                  .custom("alert-info") // alert-info should be stored in the new Element and accessible to the Visitor.
                      .addAttr("title", "Information")
                      .addAttr("message", "This is a message for a custom element")
                      .addAttr("kind", "success")
                          .li().text("For any reason we could even include other elements.").__()
                      .__() // ul
                  .__() // alert-info
              .__() // div
          .__() // body
      .__(); //html